“Hey there! How’s it going?! The name’s Patou, and I just gotta say it’s a lovely day here at the barn, eh? I hail from the great white north but really love it here at Upreach. I’m a well-built fella, but don’t let my burly size getcha down, I’m a super friendly guy that loves to spend time with anyone who has a moment to spare!”

Patou has a knack for making everyone who crosses his path stop and say hello to him. His friendly attitude and calm demeanor have made him a big hit for those transitioning into more independent riding. Patou has a nice solid build and offers a great base of support for his riders. He offers a slow pace when his rider needs to feel safe but is right there with a peppy trot if you ask! Patou loves lending a helping hand to anyone who needs a friend.

PATOU Sponsor

Sponsored by: Victoria and Susan Ventresca

Patou Facts

Gender: Gelding
Breed: Canadian Cheval
Color: Chestnut
DOB: 2004
Height: 15.0 Hands