Volunteer Information

Qualifications: We encourage anyone who is interested in joining our volunteer team to contact us. However, volunteers should be at least 14 years of age. Volunteering in the therapeutic riding, therapeutic driving, and hippotherapy programs involve moderate physical activity. Those helping out in the barn with horse turn-out, picking paddocks, moving hay, and other various farm tasks should be able to lift 40-50lbs. Please be sure that you are comfortable with the physical activity in the role you select. We want you to be safe, comfortable and, most importantly, have fun!


Fill out the following form to contact Liz Cate, our Volunteer Coordinator or call 603.497.2343. If you'd like to sign up for an upcoming training, please click here!

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Attendance: Once you have completed the volunteer paperwork, attended a training, and are signed up to volunteer, you are committed to your day and time for the six to eight-week term. Please remember your horse and human friends depend on you and everyone does better with consistency! However, we recognize that life happens and should you be unable to volunteer due to sickness, family emergency, etc. please call the office at 603.497.2343 at your earliest convenience. This allows us the time to find another volunteer to substitute.

Apparel: For your safety and comfort, all volunteers should wear closed-toe, closed-heel shoes. We recommend tying back long hair, as well as avoiding dangling jewelry and pants that drag on the ground. Please dress appropriately for weather conditions and shorts of appropriate length are acceptable attire during the summer months.  In the winter, layers are suggested, but please be conscious to avoid clothing that will restrict your movement or become caught in equipment.