Just Ask Your to Care (JAYC)

Just Ask Yourself to Care (JAYC) curriculum was developed by the JAYC Foundation ( This program supports the development of empathy rather than taking the stance that we are combating the negative energy of bullying and lack of awareness. The larger goal is to create a lasting bond in youth that transcends grade level, diverse economic and cultural backgrounds, and various learning disabilities that inadvertently keep students distant rather than close, separate rather than bonded.

“Cow culture” is the theme of each session to focus on a time in history when people were highly interconnected, a person’s word was their word, and honesty and integrity were integral to survival.


  • Empathy

  • Leadership Skills

  • Caring

  • Respect

  • Trust

  • Compassion 

This is a non-riding program and no previous horse experience is required! For more information on this program please contact please contact Kristen McGraw at or 603-497-2343.