“I’m Lila and I might be on the short side... but I love being the pony that gets to work with our younger students. I look forward to taking the smallest of our students out for his or her first ride on a horse EVER, and helping develop confidence.”

Lila has an all-in attitude, with a strong work ethic. She has a gentle, calm energy that makes her a great partner in EFMH sessions, as well as EAL opportunities. She's also the best match for our smallest riders on a horse for the first time. However, Lila can be pretty loud welcoming new horses to the barn.


  • Lynn Eastman, Equine Sports Massage Therapist

Lila Facts

Gender: Mare
Breed: Welsh/Newfoundland cross
Color: Chestnut
DOB: 1993
Height: 12.3 Hands
Donated by: Diane Considine, 2007