Saturday, July 27th, 10:00 am until 3:00 pm

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On Saturday July 27th, UpReach will be hosting the first ever Wim Hof Method workshop in the state of New Hampshire. Wim Hof is a Dutch adventurer and the holder of 26 Guinness World Records. His records include feats such as; climbing Mount Everest wearing only shoes and shorts, the longest ice bath at just under 2 hours and running a marathon in the African desert without drinking water. These stunts have proven that life is truly "mind over matter". In this workshop you will learn how to relax in any given situation by implementing scientifically proven methods and how to apply those skills into your life.

Your instructor, Brad Carson is a Marine Corps veteran, yoga instructor, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Wim Hof Method instructor. The workshops combines military training, yogic breathing exercises and meditation to provide you will the tools to gain control of your mindset. Brad speaks openly about his difficult transition from active duty service and shares how he uses the method to overcome depression and anxiety.

Horses are excellent mirrors for how you are truly feeling on the inside. They are able to read your body language and silent cues. They constantly remain in the present moment, a valuable skill which we can learn from them. This is a truly unique and life changing experience. Learn how to become the happiest, healthiest and strongest version of yourself in this beautiful and serene setting. You deserve it!

For tickets and additional information, go to https://www.wimhofmethod.com/activities/whm-fundamentals-workshop-goffstown-nh-brad-carson

For more information please contact Allison McCully at allison@upreachtec.org or 603-497-2343