Um, hi. I’m Vader and I’m just a little on the shy side. I’d never hurt a fly, but please don’t crowd me. I know I’m adorable and I really do love meeting new people, but maybe just a couple at a time. I’m glad Darcy is my best friend. He helps me out when I’m nervous!

Vadar tends to be reserved, hanging in the back of a new situation. His small stature makes him unintimidating and approachable, which is why he is a great partner in the EAL and EFMH programs. Sometimes, tucked in his paddock on the hill, he will catch you off guard with his funny-guy side and try to snag a treat from your pocket!

Vader Facts

Gender: Gelding
Breed: Miniature Horse
Color: Black
DOB: 2002
Height: 8.0 Hands
Free leased by: Kristen McGraw, 2012