“Hi, I’m Nena! Do you smell food? Is there food? I love food. I really love most things, in fact! I love things so much that I’ll let my rider do whatever they need while working with me. Doesn’t matter as long as everyone is as happy as I am!”

Nena is one of the most laid-back horses in the barn during her lessons. She loves hippotherapy and lead-line lessons, but tends to take her time when working, especially when trotting. Slow and steady won the race, right? Even so, she's in high demand because of her patience and sweetness!


  • Kathleen McAndrews

Nena Facts

Nickname: "Little Bug"
Gender: Mare
Breed: Haflinger
Color: Blonde
DOB: 1997
Height: 13.3 Hands
Donated by: Tammy Grue, 2013