“Peace and love, I’m Lulu! I just want to make everyone around me happy! But listen, excuse my behavior when it comes to mealtime. I make a lot of noise and it would be a terrible thing if someone forgot to feed me! Really.”

If Clarissa is the "Driving Queen," Lulu is the "Driving Princess." She quickly learned driving skills at UpReach and is happiest in the driving program. She has a good temperament and assesses what is happening around her. Lulu aims to please, but you must be very clear in your directions to her - which offers her students 'in-the-moment' problem-solving opportunities. 


Sponsor Lulu for $125 per month and help UpReach offset the cost of hay, grain, shavings, supplements, barn and horse care supplies, as well as farrier services. Click here to learn more about the Sponsor A Horse program! 

Lulu Facts

Gender: Mare
Breed: Haflinger
Color: Blonde
DOB: 1998
Height: 14.0 Hands
Purchased by: Michael Kerr, 2007