“Hi everyone, I’m Lena. I’m new but love it here so far. What I love to do is help more independent riders improve walk, trot, and canter skills. But, please, can you make sure I’m tacked up correctly? Also, bugs? Gross. I will just have to endure them.”

Lena is one of the newest horses to UpReach and is very expressive about what she likes - or doesn't. She tends to be more sensitive, so using a calm voice and demeanor helps Lena stay comfortable. Under saddle, she knows her job. The canter is Lena's  best and most comfortable gait, which helps students develop canter skills.


  • Kathleen McAndrews

Lena Facts

Gender: Mare
Breed: National Show Horse
Color: Bay
DOB: 2000
Height: 14.3 Hands
Purchased by: A Friend of UpReach, 2017