Share your Horse with UpReach!

Our horses are very special equines who have the ability to improve the lives of all who participate in UpReach programs. We greatly appreciate your interest in sharing your horse and his or her special skills and talents with the program.

What makes a great UpReach horse? Therapeutic horses must be accepting of unusual sights, sounds, games and toys, adaptive equipment. Horses do not need prior exposure, however, should be mild in temperament and "bomb proof." Our ideal candidate:

  • is sound in body and mind
  • is between the ages of 10 - 18
  • is between 14 - 16 hands
  • is a lead line walk/trot, beginner walk/trot, or beginner walk/trot/canter
  • must have a negative coggins within the past 12 months and is up to date on rabies, EWT, and Rhino
  • behaves well for the Farrier and Vet
  • must not buck, kick, rear, bolt, spook or exhibit unsafe behaviors while under saddle or in-hand

What is life like for an UpReach horse? Your horse/pony will enjoy full room and board in a fenced equine community, with bright, spacious living quarters.  All equines enjoy daily housekeeping, meals and beverage services, spa services, and treats. UpReach equines work for a maximum of two hours per day, five days a week providing equine-assisted activities and therapies as well as benefit from a specific exercise program including schooling and/or groundwork or time off as needed to ensure overall health and happiness. Horses enjoy recreational amenities for at least six hours per day including the ten open outdoor meadows, shady trails and indoor facility. Our equine partners enjoy continual love, attention and admiration from adults and children and have the daily ability to make a positive impact and improve lives. 

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trial process:

Step 1: Once you have filled out the form to the below, our barn manager will contact you to learn more about your horse and how he or she might be a good fit for the therapeutic riding, therapeutic driving, hippotherapy and/or unmounted programming such as equine-assisted learning or equine-facilitated mental health. Please note, all horses must be a part of the therapeutic riding program. We will provide you with brief and follow up questions, that will give us a better understanding of your horse's experience, qualities, and needs. 

Step 2: If your horse seems like a good match, UpReach's barn manager and assistant will visit the horse (including groom, tack, and ride) in person. If staff feels your horse fits our current program needs we will ask for your horse to come to UpReach for a trial evaluation period, which typically lasts 45 days.

Step 3: During the trial period, the horse will be ridden and evaluated by all UpReach program staff to determine temperament, soundness and the ability to participate in a manner that is safe and comfortable for the horse and participants, volunteers, and staff.

Tell us about your horse!

Please complete the prospective horse form below and we will contact you to learn more your horse!