“The experience at UpReach was life changing for many of the children. After only 8 weeks with the horses and volunteers, the children began to believe they had control over themselves, their choices, and their emotions. This is a key factor in developing the resiliency they will need to thrive.”
— School Counselor

Equine-Assisted Learning

Equine-assisted learning (EAL) is an unmounted activity and does not involve riding or driving. These activities include a variety of curriculum-based and workshop offerings, which provide an opportunity for participants to partner with horses to facilitate growth and learning. The teaching method of all EAL curricula utilizes meaningful, practical experience to enhance the learning of abstract concepts such as confidence, courage, and trust. Programs are targeted to students, disengaged learners, kinesthetic learners, at-risk youth, victims of trauma, veterans, addiction prevention and recovery, and business and community organizations, as well as first responders and law enforcement. All programming and workshops can be tailored based on needs and desired outcomes. Sessions and workshops are facilitated by a PATH Intl. Certified Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning to ensure that all activities occur safely for both humans and horses. Group sizes typically range from eight - sixteen participants and cost is based on the location (all programs can be transported to your location for an additional cost), program length, number of participants, and materials required.

School based:

Curricula are themed and include a life skills discussion, equine activity (to teach and reinforce skills), and time to process the activity before departing.

Cowboy Poetry (8 - 12 weeks): The cowboy and cowgirl-themed curriculum is designed around academic standards, developmental assets, and character educational skills to help students become strong, community leaders.

Journey of the Spirit Horse (8 - 24 weeks): This Native American-themed curriculum is designed around academic standards, developmental assets, and character educational skills to help students become strong, community leaders.

Girl Power through Horse Power (8 -12 weeks): This curriculum is specifically designed towards teaching young women to be assertive and empowered leaders in the community.


Just Ask Yourself to Care (8 weeks): Co-facilitated by an Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning (ESMHL) and a Licensed Mental Health Professional, the JAYC curriculum is designed to build empathy, positive leadership, and connection amongst school students, as well as within the community.


Our unique training formats allow professionals and community organizations the opportunity to develop teams, teamwork, leadership skills, improve overall communication, and encourage self-reflection in a non-threatening environment. Workshops are available in half-day (3 hours) and full-day (6 hours) formats.


Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) workshops are available for increasing awareness skills and broadening the perspectives of law enforcement personnel. This interactive approach requires participants to take an active role in using skills such as empathy toward those served, on-the-job awareness, and burnout prevention through taking care of oneself emotionally.

Trauma & High Conflict Divorce:

Using the Transitioning Families Therapeutic Reunification Model (TFTRM), this curriculum is designed to equip participants with skills to tackle life's most difficult situations, as well as to have a better understanding of one's identity and worth. The group is co-facilitated by a Licensed Mental Health Professional and Equine Specialist.

Juvenile Diversion:

This program incorporates the Restorative Justice Principles and is available to first-time, low-risk offenders that are willing to accept responsibility for his or her actions. Our State of New Hampshire accredited Diversion program includes community service, equine-assisted learning, and other activities as deemed appropriate by the Accountability Team.

For more information on how to get started, please contact Kristen McGraw, UpReach Program Director at 603.497.2343