“Oh Hi! My name is Dippin’ Dots (like the ice cream!). No one told me I’m a horse so sometimes I get confused and try to be a lap dog. I’m learning this new thing called “boundaries”. They’re hard to remember! Sometimes I need reminders which space is mine and which space is yours, but I’m learning! I’m a very patient guy and I love to take life slow and smell the carrots.”
Dippin' Dots_IMG_7037_ps.jpg

Dippin’ Dots’ medium build and weight bearing frame makes him ideal for many of our lead line students just learning riding skills. He is extremely patient and isn’t phased by much! He gives lots of great input at the walk and has an extra gear! He can trot or gait! He is learning which is which but his variety of gaits and his steadfast attitude make him a wonderful addition to the herd.

Dippin’ Dots Sponsor:

The Johnson Family

Dippin’ Dots Facts

Gender: Gelding
Breed: Walkalossa (Tennesee Walker/Appaloosa
Color: Red Roan Leopard
Age: 9 years old
Height: 15.0 hands
Free Leased By: Nicole Wheelwright