“Good afternoon! My name is Buck and I am pleased to meet you! I am a gentleman and enjoy having a job to do. I’d be happy to help you as best as I can and always put my best hoof forward. I don’t like to waste time just standing still when there is work to be done! However, when the job is done I’m ready for my treat, a nice pat, and to take a nap in the barn.”

Buck’s 1st job was as a ranch horse! Because of his previous work experience he has a great worth ethic. Buck’s narrow build and smooth gaits make him ideal for individuals that may have a harder time balancing on a wider and bouncier horse. His sweet disposition makes it very easy for his volunteers and students to form bonds with him.

Buck’s sponsor

Marlene and Michael Reilly

Buck Facts

Gender: Gelding
Breed: Quarter Horse
Color: Buckskin
Age: 14 years old
Height: 14.3 hands
Free Leased by: Nicole Wheelwright