“Hey there! I’m Boone and I love to joke around! While I like a good laugh, I also love helping riders of all abilities - whether improving balance, riding without reins, or enabling them to be independent at the walk and trot.”

Boone is definitely the class clown, making people laugh at his wiggly lips! Boone is the only gaited horse in the barn, which means he doesn't trot the way most horses do - he paces! This gait has almost no bounce to it and offers a totally different input than regular trotting, which many people find easier and more comfortable to sit to.

Boone Sponsors

* Madison, Taylor, and Jack Geary

* Linda Wiest
* Owen and Alexa Lekebusch

Boone Facts

Gender: Gelding
Breed: Missouri Fox Trotter
Color: Blonde
DOB: 2000
Height: 15.0 hands
Donated By: Mike White, 2010